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Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents or to make his parents agree for love marriage can be called dua to convince parents for something. Use our Islamic prayer to convince parents for love marriage.

How Can I Agree My Parents For Love Marriage By Wazifa?

Love marriages are never easy. Family members and relatives don’t show positive responses and never allow it at once. Ultimately, Lovers have to get separated as they can’t hurt their parents. It becomes challenging to choose between responsibilities towards family and promises by Lover.

Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

Marriage is a commitment that needs inner peace of a person to fulfill all expectations of the partner. “Love” always remains an integral part of weddings. The Holy book Quran has solutions for all problems. This article is all about telling you an effective wazifa for Love marriage to make parents agree.

Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents


Wazifa is the way to express your inner feelings to the Almighty. Through wazifa, one can confess, ask for forgiveness, and can make prayers for fulfilling wishes.  Above all, Wazifa helps to clarify the heart by removing all negative feelings. Furthermore, Allah fulfills all desires of those who perform wazifa with pure intentions. You can also control your parents using किसी को अपने वश में करने का वजीफा for Love Marriage To Agree Parents.

In case if you love someone and want to marry, but the family is not ready. Then, there is an effective wazifa for love marriage to agree.  As a result, Parents will approve of your wedding with your Lover. Not just agree, but will happily accept your partner with all joy.

Detailed steps to convince family and relatives for Love marriage:

  • Take a shower for wudu purification.
  • After the ritual of wudu, carry the Quran with all purity and do the recitation of Surah Yaseen for three times.
  • Then, recite and perform wazifa to make close ones agree for Love marriage for 303 times. “YA ALLAHU YA FATTAHU.”
  • Next, with all positivity, pray to Allah for fulfilling your wish.
  • Performing this wazifa for 11 days continuously, with all dedication, will lead towards happiness.

Wazifa To Make His Parents Agree For Love Marriage

Wazifa To Make His Parents Agree For Love Marriage, Islam religion always supports pure and true Love. Ordinarily, two people fall in Love and then decide on marriage.

“Ya Allahu, Yaa Fattahu Rabbi in lima anzaltailayya min Khayrinfaqeerun Lahawlawalaquwataillabillahilaliyil Azeem”

However, people in Love never pay attention to different caste and upbringing. After all, Love marriages are not accessible as it takes efforts to convince the family.

Above all, if you have decided to marry your LoverLover, then be confident. Accordingly, prepare yourself for convincing the family. Moreover, try to figure out the reason for their rejection of love marriage. if you want love marriage with your lover but he/she are are not due to any problem then use किसी से निकाह करने का वजीफा and make your love marriage without any problem.

For convincing each other’s family, one should have self-confidence. To increase positivity, you should perform wazifa. Here are the decisive steps to perform wazifa to make his parents agree for love marriage:

  • After pursuing any namaz of the day, complete this wazifa for 303 times.

“YaAllahu, YaaFattahu”

  • After that, perform another wazifa for 11 times after the zenith.

“Rabbi in lima anzaltailayya min Khayrinfaqeerun”

  • Finally, perform one more wazifa for 100 times.


It will vanish all your problems. Inshallah, parents will agree happily to love marriage with their blessings. Ameen.

Islamic Prayer To Convince Parents For Love Marriage 

Islamic Prayer To Convince Parents For Love Marriage , True lovers always urge for a happy married life with each other. However, convincing parents due to society and its norms becomes difficult.  Islam religion has mighty prayers for every problem. Mostly, Parents go against love marriage due to caste and religion.

Therefore, follow religion for religious issues. The Quran has a worthwhile Islamic prayer to convince parents for love marriage. Essential Decisive steps to perform Islamic prayer to convince parents for love marriage:

  • The first and foremost step is to perform wudu.
  • Then, start reciting Durood- Shareef for ten times.
  • After that, pray to Allah by reciting- “YaAllahuYaFattahu” for 303 times.
  • Now recite three times the whole chapter of Surah Yaseen Sharif.
  • After completion of that, do not repeat the recitation of “Yawadudo” for 1001 times.
  • Now, an essential step- recite the Islamic prayer to convince parents for love marriage:

“AllahuKaafi al kafi al kaafiwakassadholkaa Fiwajaddahulkaafi be kaafiyalkaafiwakafaniya Ikaafiwanimalkaafiwalillahilhamd”

  • Repeat the recitation of Durood-Shareef for ten times.
  • At last, blow the breath on a bowl that contains salt.
  • Later make food, with that salt for your parents.

Initiate this performance from Friday and keep the ritual in process daily for two times. Similarly, repeat the process for 11 days. On the 12th day, try to approach your parents again for convincing them to love marriage. As a result, you will find their opinions will change. Inshallah, your wish will become true.

Dua To Convince Parents For Something

Dua To Convince Parents For Something, Generation gaps are always there between children and parents. However, you can reduce this gap by improving relations with each other. Such as, try to make strong bonds with each other.

The most important thing for bringing any change is thoughts. In brief, one should have optimistic views on the matter. Perhaps, to increase self-motivation, one should follow the dua to convince parents for something. 

If you want to convince your parents for something, you should practice the Islamic dua. For Instance, convincing parents for love marriage is a tricky thing. In this case, you should perform Islamic dua to convince parents. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Take a bath for purification.
  • Then take two different papers after that; use your writing skill. Write 131 and 132 number verses in Arabic form of Surah Talah.
  • Put one of the papers in a glass of water by folding it. Next, ask for blessings to Allah.
  • The next step is to drink that water from the glass containing paper.
  • Wrap the other paper in white cloth and keep it in your room.
  • This dua to convince parents is just one time. Hence, you do not need to repeat it. You will realize a positive result within a few days.


To summaries, Islam religion has all solutions to your problems. The holy book Quran has all prayers or wazifa to allow you to reach your prayers to God. Practice them with all purity and with positive for significant results.

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