Surah Muzammil Wazifa For Visa 5/5 (7)

Surah Muzammil Wazifa For Visa

Surah Muzammil Wazifa For Visa or qurani wazifa for visa success can be use for visa approval. Use our tasbih for visa problem solutions.

People often aspire to move to a foreign country for a better life. It is easier to earn a good fortune in a foreign land. Foreign trips are also necessary for education, pilgrimage, visiting people and places. To make a foreign trip, you need the visa and the passport. While it is easier to get a passport, getting a visa often becomes very difficult. Without a visa, you cannot enter a country. But, obtaining a visa is a difficult nut to crack.

Endorsing visa undergoes a long processing and thorough approval. Collecting and submitting all documents and finally getting the permission becomes very daunting. Your trip gets canceled once you do not get the visa on time. At times, even though documents are appropriate, a technical fault in a visa might lead to rejection of the planned trip. So, you have to keep your finger crossed till you get your visa in hand.

Surah Muzammil Wazifa For Visa

Surah Muzammil Wazifa For Visa

If you have applied for a visa, put your absolute faith on Allah and seek His Divine Mercy. Allah is the most gracious and kindest of all. When you glorify Him and express your deepest gratitude towards Him, He accepts and grants your prayers.

Surah Muzammil acts are made from all troubles on Earth and the hereafter. Regular recitation of the surah will Insha Allah help you in obtaining your visa easily. After Isha Salah, recite ‘Surah Muzammil’ for 7 times with ‘Bismillahir Rahmaanir Rahim’.

Say ‘Darood-e-Ibraheem’ for three times both before and after reciting the surah. It is believed that Allah accepts any dua made after reciting ‘Surah Muzammil.’ So, after reciting the surah, make dua to Allah for getting your visa on time. Insha Allah, with your honest intentions and dedicated prayers, Allah’s blessings will shower upon you.

Qurani Wazifa For Visa Success

Qurani Wazifa For Visa Success, You cannot immigrate to another country without a visa and passport. Preparation of visa goes through a thorough processing, along with documents you need to clear interview for seeking permission. Quite often, people are stuck in passing the interview. Their dream of going abroad gets wiped away with a single fault in the interview.

To achieve success in the interview, you can call upon Allah to make it easier for you. When you put your absolute faith on Allah, He showers His Kindness and Benevolence upon you. Observe your obligatory prayers on time and make dua to Allah after every Salah.

After Fazar and Isha Salah recite ‘Surah Quraish’ for 100 times. Also, recite the last part of ayat-137 of ‘Surah Baqarah’ given below-

“Fasayakfi Ka humullahuWahuwas Sami-ul Alim.”

For 180 times in the same sitting. After Asar Salah, recite Ayat -80 of ‘Surah Bani Israel’ for 120 times, present in para- 15 of the holy Quran.

With regular prayers and recitation of the Holy Quran, Insha Allah, you will successfully get your visa. However, you get benefit from Qurani Wazifa only when you lead your life in righteous ways as dictated by Allah.

Wazifa For Visa Approval

Wazifa For Visa Approval, When you are all set to go to a foreign country, the hurdle that remains is the approval of the visa. Your hope and dream of going abroad depends on it. As a student, you might have qualified to take admission in a reputed university, but your dreams will shatter if you do not get the visa approval.

You might have resources for running a business abroad, but you cannot immigrate to fulfill your goals unless the visa gets approved. When all other things are in order, but the visa does not get approved, it becomes very difficult to swallow the pain.

Call upon Allah to help you out in such a situation so that your fortune does not suffer. Practice wazifa for visa approval to avoid hassles. After Isha Salah, recite the dua-

“Ya badiyalazayebi bilkhaairiya barihuu”

for 1200 timesRecite ‘Darood -e- Ibraheeem” for three times both before and after the wazifa. Do the wazifa till you get your visa in hand. During sunrise and sunset recite the beneficial names of Allah-

‘’Ya Allah, Ya Waakil”for 100 times. Insha Allah, with your faithful prayers, the grace of God will shower upon you. And your visa will be granted without delay. Engaging in acts of Charity also welcomes Divine Blessings in your life. Feed the poor so that you can protect yourselves from troubles and difficulties.

Tasbih For Visa Problem

Tasbih For Visa Problem, Traveling becomes necessary for you at certain points in life. When you are all prepared for a foreign trip, visa processing becomes a matter of worry. Even after having the required documents, you may find yourself in frustrating situations.

Having a minor problem in your visa can hold you back as a culprit. You lose your dignity, get harassed and humiliated once caught in a visa problem. A fun trip might turn into a horror if you are caught up in a visa problem. No doubt, it drains your money and time too.

After receiving your visa, check that all the details are accurate. Travelers often go through prolonged harassment for clerical errors. Even if you have handed the right documents, you can be held back for mistakes you are not responsible for. For printing errors, your trip would have to be abandoned for the time being. And if you have already resumed the journey, you might land up in jail.

To ascertain that there is no problem in your visa, you can call upon God. Every day after Fazer and Isha Salah, do tasbih by saying-

  • ‘Darood Shareef’ for 100 times.
  • Say “Ya Malik ul Mulk,YaZuljalal Wal Ikram”for 100 times.
  • They were followed by “Illa be-ijnehifor 117 times.
  • Read ‘Astagfir’ for 100 times.

Insha Allah, with your repeated invocation to God, your dream of going abroad will be fulfilled. Each foreign trip carries with it a great purpose. Remembrance and glorification of Allah, Insha Allah, will fetch good results for you.

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