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Dua For Protection From Black Magic

Dua For Protection From Black Magic or to find out who is doing magic can be use to find out if someone has done taweez on you. Use our manzil dua to cure black magic.

What Dua Is For Protection From Black Magic?

It is true that black magic exists on this earth and is one of the oldest and ancient beliefs in the world. By the way, Block magic is prohibited in Islam. There is no place in Islam for a person who intentionally indulges in black magic or any form of witchcraft.

Dua For Protection From Black Magic

Dua For Protection From Black Magic

If one wants to know the origin of black magic, this verse of Surah Bakrah testifies to its existence and origin of black magic in the time of Hazrat Masur: “some people have shown their faith in the demonic forces and lost they believe in the powers of Allah. They practiced black magic to fulfill their purpose. They decided to take the evil forces into their own hands”.

Whoever gets trapped in this Black magic, his life becomes hell. Today in this article, we learn about “Dua for protection from black magic.” With the effect of this Dua, you can easily eliminate black magic.

  • Make constant dua and ask Allah (SWT) for his protection. He has the facility to save lots of you from the harm caused by black magic.
  • Our Prophet (PBUH) wont to constantly seek Allah’s refuge and shelter from evil and make the following dua:
  • Surah Ba-Kh-Ti-Yar Shu-Bhan Allah La-e-La-Hi Haj-Ra-TeUl-LahBis-Mil-LAH Aamin.”

Above givenDua for protection from black magic is a very powerful and strong dua to cure any black magic. You need to follow all the instructions said in Surah and recite this dua regularly, at least 100 times in a day.

Dua To Find Out Who Is Doing Magic

Dua To Find Out Who Is Doing Magic, A practitioner of black magic can never escape the cycle of karma and must pay for his or her karma, but sometimes due to this magic, excessive damage is delivered to the target. Often the person doing this deceptive act makes the innocent and weak to his victim.

To cure a person suffering from black magic, it is necessary to find a black magic practitioner so that the problem can be understood and properly treated. But it is not so easy. To identify, we can use Dua to find out who is doing magic.

  • If you suspect that someone close to you performs black magic, then, first of all, keep an eye on his movements and make sure that your doubts are correct.
  • If you feel that your suspicions are correct, and then put a glass of water in the person’s bedroom at night. Now pray to Allah so that all the negative energy of that person is absorbed in that water.
  • In the morning, put this water in the root of a flower plant planted in a pot. Repeat this process continuously from time to time.
  • If the flower plant dries up within seven days, it means that the person knows black magic.
  • You can also take the help of the Quran to find the person who performs black magic. Whoever indulges in such misdeeds they are afraid to put their hands on the Quran.
  • If you suspect anyone, you should ask him to put a hand on the Quran. This will confirm your suspicions.

How to find out if someone has done taweez on you

How To Find Out If Someone Has Done Taweez On You?

How To Find Out If Someone Has Done Taweez On You? This question has great importance. Because if you do not know the disease, then how to treat it? Many things like black magic, sorcery, totke or taweez are prevalent in society. However, no one knows the absolute truth about it.

Some people believe in black magic, and some people consider it only an illusion. But nothing can be said without any proof. Therefore it can be a subject of research for us. But we cannot deny the presence of black magic. With the help of black magic or taweez, a person tries to selfish or does harm to someone.

Bengal and Assam are strongholds on black magic and taweez. Through a taweez, one is captured by subduing someone. Through black magic, a person can get into any illusion and can also kill himself. Soit is very important to us to find out has anyone done taweez on you?

If taweez is done on a person, it is very easy to find out. From the following things, it can be ascertained that ‘if someone has done taweez on you’:-

  • A person suffering from black magic, sorcery, tantra-mantra, or taweez has certain symptoms, such as mental blockage, heaviness in breathing or brisk walking, sore throat, blue markings on the thigh without any injury, heaviness in the heart.
  • Apart from this, there is no reason for discordor despair, that the situation prevails in the house of the one who is under the influence of taweez.
  • Such people have no control over themselves. His eyes are always red. It is as if he is under genie possession. These people get angry over small things.

Manzil Dua To Cure Black Magic

Manzil dua to cure black magic is very important in Islam. This dua is have a special power. By the way, this Dua can cure any disease. But for black magic, these are very effective, Dua. Any magic, sorcery, tabeez etc. can be eradicated with the effect of this dua. It gives personal insurance from various other hurt and insensitive powers. So remove black magic using काला जादू खत्म करने का वजीफा.

Manzil dua, to cure black magic, is the best solution for black magic and insidious effects. This Dua is likewise beneficial for relief from any infection or disease. You have to make the following preparations before recitingManzil dua:-

  • First of all, offer Namaz then make fresh vuju. After this, read Darude- Sharif 3
  • Now read this section of theManjildua from Surah Al-Hashir (chapter 2): verses 9 – “OKhuda Surah- Al Ka-Fi- Ra-Na Mu- Ham- Mad Al- JafaWa-qarSoh-Rat Banda- Parwar Ra-Han-Num.”
  • Manzil dua is so powerful that any black magic will end within three days.

Today we have come to know various ways to cure black magic in this article. All these measures are based on the rules stated in Islam. You can use these Dua and wazifa in any problem related to black magic. You can easily cure black magic with the remedies given in the article.

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