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Qurani Ayat For Husband And Wife Love

Qurani Ayat For Husband And Wife Love or surah for husband wife relationship can be called surah baqarah ayat for husband and wife. Solve your question like what surah to read for love between husband and wife.

Which Surah Ayat Is Good For Husband And Wife?

We all have the desire for a strong bond full of love, friendship, and trust with our spouse after marriage. But what if destiny does not allow you to have that robust and lovely bond with your spouse!!!

If you want to change the worst relationship of an unhappy state of marriage into a happy marriage, then try reciting the magical Quranic ayat for Husband and Wife Love—the Qurani. Ayat will change the feelings of hatred of your spouse for you into pure platonic love.

Does your spouse not pay you back the same love, affection, and respect as you are doing?? Although the time changes in relation, many times, a misunderstanding takes place between husband and wife.

Qurani Ayat For Husband And Wife Love

Qurani Ayat For Husband And Wife Love

However if love is pure and true, then no situation can break the bonding. For such kind of bond with your spouse, one should practice Qurani ayat for increasing love between husband and wife and spending married life happily. To increase love between wife and husband you can read our शोहर को बीवी से मोहब्बत करने की दुआ.

To convert your depressing marriage life into the most lovely and happy marriage, you should practice the rules and regulations of Quranic ayat with your spouse (husband or wife). The Qurani ayat will vanish all the evils of your marriage life and will convert your relation in to happy marital status.

“Yaa Waaduuduu Yaa Raauufuu Yaa Raaheemuu”- The magical Qurani Ayat For Husband and Wife Love.

Procedure For Quranic Ayat For Husband And Wife Love

  • The very first thing is to take a shower and make yourself pure.
  • Then do the wudu with all honesty.
  • After performing, wudu sits in a peaceful setting.
  • And then the next step is to perform that magical Qurani ayat for 303 times-

Yaa Waaduduu Yaa Raauufuu Yaa Raaheemuu.”

While reciting “Yaa Waaduduu Yaa Raauufuu Yaa Raaheemuu,” one has to keep his thoughts positive and think that In Shah Allah, their partner has fallen deeply in love with them.

Quranic Surah For Husband Wife Relationship

Quranic Surah For Husband Wife Relationship, Islam is a beautiful religion known for being the preacher of love, trust, and simplicity. Nikah is not just a ritual in Islam but the establishment of a strong bond between two souls. It is the duty of the two people bound with Nikah to provide unlimited love and respect to each other. Another wazifa called मिया बीवी के झगडे खत्म करने का वज़ीफ़ा, read it to make love in relationship.

If love is lacking in marriage, then take the support of Quranic Surah for Husband-Wife Relationship is essential to gain the love and support of your spouse by attracting towards you.

‘Allaah Azeeraa omaala Akhtaara Imtiyaara Omaara Ul Uz KonToi Pique’ have a deep faith and confidence on this Quranic Surah and follow the steps with all purity and honest to achieve its benefits in your life-

  • Taking a shower is the first and foremost step.
  • One should have a separate peaceful room for surah.
  • Begin by accomplishing Namaz of Isah.
  • Hold the materialistic belonging of your spouse that is used frequently by your partner.
  • Recite ‘Allaah Azeeraa omaala Akhtaara Imtiyaara Omaara Ul Uz KonToi Pique’
  • Pray to Allah for gaining your husband’s love and attention back.
  • Please do it for 14 days without breaking the cycle.

What Surah To Read For Love Between Husband And Wife

What Surah To Read For Love Between Husband And Wife, Surah An- Nisa is the surah for love between husband and wife and is considered as very powerful and effective. The spouse can follow it with the guidance of an Islamic Professional.

After marriage, the love starts to fade away, and the partner may get attracted to someone else. So to gain the spouse’s attention, love, and care back, this surah has proved to be the best way to change the worse situation into good. Our molana will give you मियां बीवी में मोहब्बत बढ़ाने की दुआ and recite it with this surah to get best result.

Many times the male spouse raises his hand on his wife and breaks the wife from inside. And many times, the female partner, out of distress, commits suicide or ends the marriage. Instead of this, have faith in Allah and practice surah to regain love between husband and wife.

It always needs the support of two to maintain the relationship, so it’s the responsibility of both husband and wife to work on their relationship. It should conduct the reciting of surah in the right manner, by following these steps:

  • Be the substance of purity by taking a bath and wearing pure, clean clothes.
  • Accomplish the Namaz of Isha
  • Keep one of the belongings near to you or your spouse.
  • Recite the Surah Ikhlas 786 times
  • Pray with all positive to Allah Talha that your spouse loves you, praise you, and admire you.
  • Inshah Allah, you will find that again, your spouse is in love with you with all dedication this time within 21 days.

Surah Baqarah Ayat For Husband And Wife

Surah Baqarah Ayat For Husband And Wife, In a marriage, both partners want each other’s love and support; even women left their homes just for seeking happiness in the husband’s home. Women can fast for days to gain her husband’s love and respect.


Qurani Ayat adds charms in those initiatives of the partner, and almighty gives the blessing by showering the love of your spouse on you. For the smooth functioning of Husband- Wife relation, both the partners should have love and loyalty between them. The Surah Baqarah Ayat needs to read with all dedication for your partner. If dua/wazifa not work on your husband then control your husband by using शौहर को अपनी मुठ्ठी में करने का वजीफा to live life happy.

Procedure For Surah Baqarah Ayat For Husband And Wife

  • Read these verses on any Thursday.
  • Do fasting till sunset.
  • While reading, the verse face should be towards the direction of North.
  • Recite Durood e, Shareef, and pay your gratitude to Allah to give you this fantastic opportunity.
  • And most importantly, these verses should be followed for 21 days without breaking the chain.


Following these Quranic Ayat with all positive and faith in almighty, one can change his/her present sad situation into happy results. Dedication and positive thoughts with the blessings of Allah always prove beneficial. There is nothing that cannot be changed if you have the inner will to change it. The Quran has all solutions to every kind of problem.

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